"Kevin and I spent a wonderful week in Hollywood last August where we celebrated Miss Mae West's birthday in style.  The centrepiece of the trip and our main reason for being there was to accept Tim Malachosky's kind invitation to attend the opening of his exhibition celebrating the life and career of Miss West.
The best of his collection formed the exhibition on display at the Hollywood History Museum which opened to the public on her birthday, 17 August 2002.  The formal opening was the day before.  
The Mae West exhibit was there in the lobby and we saw it the minute we entered the building. The large glass case in the centre held three ensembles from "Diamond Lil", one item of wardrobe from "Catherine Was Great", two performance gowns from the Las Vegas era. One of the gowns was also worn in the film version of "Sextette" and she wore the red sequin gown on the Red Skelton Show in 1960.
There were other glass cases around the room with Head-dresses from the Las Vegas era, "Catherine Was Great" and "Everyday's A Holiday" as well as fur
pieces (including the muff she wore to the premier of "I'm No Angel"), telegrams from other celebrities,,jewellery, sun glasses, hair pieces, her make-up box, and even a corset and a pair of shoes!

Johnny Grant, the Mayor of Hollywood, did the introductions and shared his own hilarious reminiscences of being invited to come up and see his idol during the time he too resided at the Ravenswood.  AC Lyles from Paramount was there and Kevin Thomas (the film critic and friend of Mae's) and Mickey Hargitay (one of her bodybuilders) led the tributes. There was a whole host of other co-stars and personalities present, including a few of the other bodybuilders, who had known and worked with our dear Miss West.  The Champagne flowed and Miss West's favourite food was served - oh that cake!"
Tim has collected all these items and cared for them for all these years and is now sharing them with all of those who can make the trip to LA.  What a man!  We never thought he'd be able to top his last project - his wonderful book in which he shared the best of his picture collection - but he has.  The items are so beautifully displayed in the perfect setting of the former Max Factor building. The exhibition has since moved upstairs into the main exhibition hall.
Thanks, Tim, from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and loyalty to our great Star.  She is proud of you, I'm sure, just as we all are.  Here's to your next venture!"

Ian Macnicol and Kevin Geddes (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Read about Ian and Kevin's trip to the Wonderfull exhibition of Tim Malachosky's collection at
The Hollywood History Museum (used by permission)
The Hollywood History Museum (used by permission)
Historic Max Factor Building
1660 N. Highland Avenue
Hollywood U.S.A.
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