This section of the website attempts to display some the collectables associated with Mae West whether they be books or records or items from her shows or personal wardrobe.

Mae West's career spanned over 65 years. She was one of the world's biggest and most glamorous movie stars. She was also a playwright, an author and a recording artiste.  With a CV like that it's not surprising that Mae has left her mark.  Add to this the fact that she never threw anything away and she becomes, quite simply, the collector's dream.

Tim Malachosky, who worked for Miss West and who has done so much to keep her memory alive has, without doubt, the world's biggest and most impressive collection of what we've cheesily christened “Mae-morabillia”.  A whole page is set aside to celebrate Tim's collection, a good chunk of which still resides and is on display at the Hollywood History Museum.
But other fans do get a look in too. For example, the “Covers” page includes many images donated by fellow fans and images donated by Damon Devine pepper the rest of the site. Special thanks go to Jeff Escabar who has kindly shared images of his prize possession, Mae's Passport.
If you have a piece of Mae-morabillia you'd like to share, do feel free to send a good scan to us and we'll take it from there. This section of the site looks set to grow and grow……